New items
This coming autumn we are pleased to offer several new models of equipment.
We present two models of planetary mixers UEM-a and UEM 752-762. This mixer help you knead the dough for pancakes, dumplings and pies, beat the eggs, cream, cook the sauce and cream, and much more. The planetary mixing system allows the nozzle during operation, to rotate around its axis and simultaneously move along the circumference of the internal volume of the cup, providing a perfect mixing quality and a smooth consistency without lumps. In the package contents model UEM-762 further includes a grinder and blender attachment.
A feature of this model is a function of mixing food in the cooking process. The model has 12 preset cooking functions, the heat preservation function and a function of a delayed start. The model is designed for frying, stewing, boiling, slow stewing, steaming and grilling. In it you will be able to cook rice, pilaf and porridge, cook a variety of soups and stews, roast meat and poultry.
New oil radiator will help to create warmth and comfort in your home. The model has a casing with increased heat transfer, touch control, LED display and remote control. You can set the heating temperature, after which the radiator will maintain it in for several hours.